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10 Items You Need to Leave Behind When Moving

It wouldn’t be a surprise to accumulate many things such as furniture and decor for the house as a homeowner.
Moving is the perfect time for you to choose which of your things are best donated or sold. Doing so will help you move to another location a lot easier with the help of Man and Van moving services.

Why? Because having lots of extra stuff will increase the moving charges that you will have to pay for the house removals London. The things you will have to leave behind will depend on whether you will be moving locally or to another country. Moving locally means that the fee for house removals will be a lot cheaper compared to moving internationally for Man and Van London. Here are some of the list of the items that you may want to leave behind when you want to move to another location:

1. Clothing

Indeed, not all of the clothing should be left behind, but for sure, there would be some clothes that you are not using anymore. It would be best to either donate or sell them. By selling your old clothes, you will earn extra, and you can use the money for the relocation process.

2. Books

Books are heavy and would take up a lot of space. It would be best to leave the books behind, especially the ones that you have no plan on reading ever again. Same with the clothing, you can also either donate or sell the books that you have.

3. Papers

There may be some documents that you have that don’t have any purpose anymore. It would be ideal to scan all of your documents one by one to check which of them are not needed anymore.

4. Old furniture

It would be best to leave behind your old furniture when moving house to London, especially if they are bulky and heavy.
It also takes up a lot of space in the Luton van or lorry. Try selling these old pieces of furniture; you may be surprised at the amount of money you can still get from them.

When moving to a faraway place, it would be best to leave all the furniture behind, not just the old ones. It can be quite costly when moving furniture, especially if travelling to a whole different country.

5. Bathroom Items

Instead of bringing your old bathroom items, getting new ones for your new home is a lot simpler. It is also a lot more sanitary to buy new bathroom items. These items are cheap and available almost anywhere, so you won’t have any problems getting new ones.

6. Food

If it is almost time for the moving schedule, it would be best to empty your pantry by then. If you have some extra food that won’t be eaten before the move date, then just get rid of it, or better yet, donate it to someone who needs it.

7. Toys

If you have some old toys, selling them or donating them would be wiser than bringing them to your new home. Toys will also take up a lot of space, making the moving charges a lot more expensive.

8. Tools and other equipment

Some of your old rusty equipment should be left behind. Having new ones would be a lot better and safer for you. Also, dispose of old paint cans, insecticides and fertilizer but do so safely to avoid contaminating the environment.

9. Mattresses and Pillows

Transporting mattresses and pillows will cost you more than just buying new ones. Aside from this, getting new ones for your new home would also make your sleep more comfortable than before.

10. Home Décor

Another aspect to consider is whether your home décor will fit the aesthetic of your new home. If they didn’t fit your new home’s theme, it would be best just to leave them behind and buy new ones instead.


Moving can give you a fresh new start, especially when it comes to how you want your new home to be like. However, this doesn’t mean you have to get rid of everything. If you feel that some of these items are worthy of being taken to your new home, then follow what your heart tells you. Some things may have some value that only you can see.


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