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12 Packing Hacks for Removals in Watford

Getting all your belongings packed efficiently and in an organized manner in preparation for a move can be tricky business. Our experts at Super Man and Van Watford Removal Services have gathered some of the best packing hacks that you can use for all your upcoming moves.

  • First off, if you’re an apartment dweller you probably have a tag to get into your apartment. What you can do to make the moving process easier is to grab a hairband and knot that through the tag, then you can wear it around your wrist and it’s really easy to scan in and out.
  • Next, write a list of all the places you’re going to need to change the address. This can include Bank, Internet, Phone, Health Insurance, Electoral Commission, Post Office, Driver’s License, Accounting, Doctor/Dentist, Gym, University, Optometrist, Medicare, and Contents Insurance. Full contents insurance is probably covered in transit, so call your insurance company and check to make sure that they are. Your removal company of choice will also have an insurance policy in place for added peace of mind.
  • About a week before you move, depending on your family size, stop buying groceries and just live off what you have – it’ll mean there’s less to move. Start cleaning out the refrigerator to ensure that on move day, it’s clean/defrosted and ready to travel.
  • Pack an overnight bag before the day that you’re planning on moving – this can include pajamas, some spare clothes, some shoes that you can beat up, two or three pairs of socks, and a phone charger. You may also want to bring some garbage bags just in case. If you’re taking any supplements or medications daily, add those to the bag too so that they’re right where you need them. Here’s a list of some other essential items that you should consider packing into your overnight bag: body/hair products, toiletries, dry shampoo (who wants to wash their hair when they first move in?), some deodorant, toothbrush, hairbrush, soap, skin care products, lotion, oil, etc. You may want to also include a power board and an extra towel for emergencies.
  • Before you start packing, start gathering packing supplies like bubble wrap and packing paper. If you’ve had anything delivered recently, keep those packing supplies so you can reuse them. This will help you to cut down on costs incurred from purchasing packing materials. If any of your friends or family members have extra packing materials from recent deliveries, ask them if you may have them. Check with your neighbours if they’ve moved in recently and have any extra packing material left over that they’d be willing to part with. Even a little bit goes a long way towards saving on a move. The same goes for boxes – the more boxes you can get for free, the better. It’s recommended to pack any bags that you have first, before moving on to the boxes. If you’re willing to invest a little extra, try purchasing plastic containers. These are much better for moving as they add an extra layer of protection, will save you money as you can reuse them, and they are good for the environment as well.

  • Label your boxes not just with the room but also with what’s going on in them. For example: kitchen – plates.
  • If you already have any items already stored in small storage boxes just tape them shut and you can move them. If you have dry goods already inside kitchen containers, simply tape them shut and they’re good to go for moving.
  • For sauces, shampoos, conditioners, and anything that might leak or bust, take a small piece of plastic and place it over the top, then put the lid on – because it is far less likely to come open that way.
  • For the ladies, to make sure your fragile powders don’t break, take some cotton rounds and place them in the powders. This is also a great hack to utilize if you’re travelling.
  • You can use towels to protect plates and crockery/kitchen items inside boxes to save money and avoid using more bubble wrap and paper. Place a towel in between every couple of plates, and if you can, stack your plates vertically because they’re less likely to break that way.
  • To save time when packing clothes, if you’re someone who has lots of clothes on hangers: take a large garbage bag and put it on the bottom of a bunch of hanging clothes, pull it shut and you can take off a lot of clothes very quickly that way. This is also a good time to do a cull of your wardrobe and use any sealable space-saver bags to transport your clothes.
  • One final tip, the very first trip you make to your new place when you can – take some toilet paper with you. Trust us; this one’s a lifesaver.

Hopefully, you enjoyed reading these packing hacks that our experts at Super Man and Van House Removals Services have gathered for you. If you intend on executing a move soon and utilizing a man and van service in Watford, we wish you the best of luck and many happy days packing and moving during your house removals Watford.


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