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5 Best Tips to Maneuver Fragile Items upon Moving to a New Office

Moving into a new office is quite common for companies or businesses. Upon moving, office items need to be transferred as well, so moving services such as Office Removals London will make the job more efficient since it offers a quick yet secure and outstanding job of moving office furniture and the like.

However, many office items like computers, televisions, servers, and other furniture inside an office need intense care for being fragile. With that in mind, here are some of the best tips to deal with moving these items to a new office:

● Plan the Move

Before the move happens, everything should be planned first. Planning with all the company department heads is very important to set the right date for the move, which needs to be favourable for all the employees so that it won’t hinder or delay their jobs. Aside from the moving date, matters such as appointing a leader in charge of facilitating the move, researching the best-moving company and new office, as well as reaching out to everyone to prepare and pack their desk stuff must be accomplished too.

● Schedule a Meeting with Department Heads

The finalized plan will be announced to all the other employees inside the office by having a meeting with the department heads. In this meeting, the planned move should be discussed with other employees, and in case conflicts arise before, during, and after the day of moving, effective solutions must be prepared to avoid delays at all costs. Transferring all the important
things is essential for the continuous workflow of the company and its employees.

● Hire a Professional Moving Company (For Computers, Copiers, and Other Fragile Office Furniture)

Hiring a Man and Van London Company is the best when moving to a new office. Searching for the best professional company of moving services should be done upon planning the move. Remember to trust the Man and Van company that many also trust when it comes to their professional services and work.

It is important to look for one that offers great services and works professionally like Office Removals Services London, and Office Moves London. These companies have professionally trained experts when it comes to moving. They use the highest quality materials for packing to avoid any damage to delicate items, and their moving vehicles provide the best security for
the items in transit, which proves their top-tier services.

Also, most of the moving companies out there offer free quotations, which is very convenient when choosing the best moving company while staying within the budget. Some of the best moving companies also offer internal office removal services, meaning they take charge of the maintenance, repair, and layout arrangement of companies that wish to achieve the same goals
for their new office.

● Consult the I.T. Department (For Company Servers, Phones, and Internet Connections)

Company servers, phones, and internet connections are also fragile items that need proper handling since all of these things need to be disconnected before moving and reconnected again to keep the continuous workflow. Since the moving company doesn’t handle this kind of work, consulting and having the I.T. department of the company plan how to handle these tasks is a lot safer since they are more knowledgeable about the company’s systems and servers.

● Back-Up Computer Files and Data

Company files and data are considered fragile for containing either important or confidential information about the company. When companies plan to move offices, employees also need to do some packing, and one of the most important things they need to pack before the move is copies or a backup of their work files and data.

When moving to a different and new office, files and data in an employee’s computer might disappear or, worse, cannot be restored anymore. That is why keeping multiple copies of all these in flash drives, hard drives, or in a different device (smartphone, laptop, etc.) is very handy. Also, these could be backed up using cloud storage systems that offer a huge memory
for backing up files or data.

Final Words

Moving fragile items when transferring to a different office can be a little tricky. You need to take extra care and precaution to ensure that they are transported safely and the tips mentioned above will help you with that.

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