Cardboard vs. Plastic – Which Is Better?

Many consumers are finding new and innovative ways for house removals London. One of these is the usage of plastic moving containers instead of the traditional cardboard boxes that everyone’s been using since the 1980s. Some consumers however feel the need to stick to the old method of using cardboard boxes during house removals. Which are better to use? In this article, we’ll examine some of the benefits of using plastic containers during moves.

The main and obvious selling point of plastic containers is the fact that they are hard – unlike cardboard boxes which cannot protect your goods from damage due to bumps and twists which drivers experience on the road. A plastic container is a sure-proof way of ensuring that any fragile items have an extra layer of protection. Cardboard boxes are also easily affected by moisture, and if you have electronics or other important documents inside, these can easily become wet as the water soaks through the material. For the transportation of food items, plastic is the way to go, as they are dry and cool and will last longer.

Plastic containers are relatively inexpensive, and many Man and Van London companies offer them for free rental. They are very easy to stack and usually come with an easy-open lid which snaps shut, securing everything inside. They do not require packing tape which damages cardboard boxes and may render them unusable a second time. Most are collapsible, so if they are not in use and need to be stored, you can simply fold them up and stow them away for another move. They have handles unlike cardboard boxes, which mean less hassle when packing and carrying them to the next destination. All sizes and shapes are available so they are very flexible in terms of usability.

Hard plastic containers have also been found to provide much more protection for items against crushing or breakage compared to a cardboard box. Not only are they well-built and sturdy, but also light and easy to carry.

The greatest benefit of using a plastic container is that it keeps the environment clean. Plastic containers can be re-used multiple times, which means less carbon emissions from factories resulting from thousands of cardboard boxes being manufactured. If going green is on your mind, give plastic containers a try and you’ll be pleased with the results.


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