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Choosing The Right Removal Company

Planning a move is tiring business. Ask any homeowner who has moved house before and they can tell you exactly how much effort, time, and preparation goes into the relocation. Many owners choose to hire a house removals London company instead of moving everything themselves – this frees up their schedule and allows them to focus on other important aspects of the move such as the utility transfer to the new location, prepping the new house, etc. However, how does one go about choosing the right Man and Van company? Our Removal Services experts have scoured the man and van space on the internet to find the best tips to help you make the right decision. Here are some strategies for choosing the right removal company.

  • Reputation – the right removal company is bound to have great reviews and probably has been utilized at some point in the past by other homeowners in your area. Take some time to check feedback, reviews, and policies online before making your choice. Based on the testimonials provided to us by homeowners who have recently moved, they sometimes check up to six or seven removal companies and cross-check prices/services to determine the best match. You must do solid research before endeavouring to choose the right removal house removals company for your move. The removal industry is well-known to have experienced occasional thievery, damaged goods, and inconsiderate drivers, so prepping in advance by researching the removal company you have in mind is the key.


  • Services – good removal companies will simply find the best and fastest way to move your items from point A to point B, however, an excellent Man and Van London company will find other ways to reduce stress for you. Don’t always be lured in by some companies’ claims of having the lowest prices – paying less in the present may mean less cost, but having your expensive furniture or appliances damaged during a move will end up costing you even more. By investing in the right removal company, you can have peace of mind and a guarantee that all your items will arrive in a safe condition – and in the case of an unfortunate unforeseen circumstance, the company will pay for the damages. Removal companies have different packages to avail of, so shopping around for the best one which fits your situation and your house location is a good idea.


  • License – The right removal company should have licensed and registered drivers to safeguard your merchandise during transit. A company which does not conduct background checks and drug tests on their employees should be avoided. Furthermore, a removal company that has a starling reputation should be registered with the BAR which is the British Association of Removers. This institution has been dedicated to promoting professional excellence within the removal industry for over 100 years. If the removal company you have in mind has already registered and is a part of BAR, you can be assured that they will provide an excellent quality of service regarding your move.


  • Insurance – Even the best drivers and crew sometimes run into harrowing situations on the road which has been caused by other motorists or external influences. In cases like these, the removal company must have an insurance policy by which you’ll be entitled to a refund for the amount which the damaged goods are worth. Carefully check and study a removal company’s insurance policy to have a better view of the safety guarantee for your items during transportation.


  • Cost – While cost is not the sole factor in choosing the right removal company, it must not be ignored as well. There are some removal companies which are simply overcharging customers because they feel that having tenure gives them the right. Take a look at the prices that different removal companies are offering and compare them against each other. Ask yourself if you’d rather spend more on a guaranteed and safe relocation service, or pay less and have potential damages, tardy drivers, and endless nightmares. The choice is yours.


  • Other factors – take into account some important pieces of information before you decide to choose a removal company. Firstly, there’s the timing to consider. The earlier you book an appointment with a removal company, the better. You are more likely to get lower cost and better service compared to booking a day before. Make sure to give plenty of time for the movers to check your location, calculate the total costs involved, and indicate whether this is an emergency move or not. Some removal companies will charge extra based on your location and the distance to your new home, as well as several other factors such as how many flights of stairs your house has, etc. Save yourself time and energy by simply doing some quick research in advance, and your move is guaranteed to be a complete success.



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