Common Office Moving Problems

Office moving can be a very hectic process in a city like London. It requires thorough planning from the start down to all the possible mishaps that people can encounter before, during, and after the office moving process. 

Planning the office move should include things like furniture moving as well as software which should be backed up to prevent misplacing of information during the moving process. If you are looking to relocate, you should consider some of the bottlenecks that you will encounter on the way.



Downtime is the time lost during and after the office move. Hiring a moving company is fine, but time will be lost in the moving process. This time is lost in packing the computers and business equipment, moving the equipment, and even setting up the equipment in the new location.

A lot of time here is wasted since workers will not be productive during this period, leading to a loss of productivity. With a loss in productivity, there will certainly be a potential drop in sales and clients.


Costs are an integral part of the office moving process. You have to organize the costs and come up with a rough estimate of the office moving process’s costs. Even if you decide to hire a Man and Van London company, you’ll have to estimate your costs when the actual costs are higher.

If you decide to move things for yourself, the costs might be cheaper, but if an accident occurs and equipment is destroyed, that is an extra cost. There’s also the cost that comes with the lease at the new place of relocation. Costs are everywhere; therefore, this should be considered before anything else.

Choosing the right location

The right location enables easy customer access. Office removals in places like London require that one move to a location where there is a great demand for their services. In this case, customer access is very helpful since current customers wouldn’t want to travel long distances to access you.

If it becomes a very long boring commute for them, then they might consider other companies. However, if the office moving process places you exactly where there are many customers compared to your previous location, that will be a win.

Drawing the line between old and new

When planning to relocate to a certain place, have you ever felt the need to buy new stuff and say goodbye to the old, but then there is this feeling of you holding on to things because maybe they are sentimental to you? 

This decision is always hard to make because you can decide to buy new office furniture and equipment or decide to stay with the old ones during office moving. Option one will not be budget-friendly, and option two will make you have all your old furniture and things without proper improvement. 

You should make a decision that does not make the company bankrupt and, in turn, save the company some costs from an office removals London service. This decision will be by replacing the very old items and selling or donating them.

Failing to know new office space well enough

You should know about your new office space beforehand. Some managers hire real estate agents to scout the office space for them instead of looking for themselves. Some are even too busy to check the spacing for themselves.

Without this knowledge, you won’t know where phone connections, office furniture, files, electrical outlets, files, and employee workstations will be placed. Failing to know new office space will bring problems if there is not enough space to accommodate the employees and equipment. It will, therefore, result in congestion in the working place.


Communication is key. Employees are entitled to be kept in the loop about any office removal decision. They should be told when, where, and how the move will take place. Clients also important to be informed beforehand about office removal from a certain location and given information about the new place they will be relocating. Without the employees’ knowledge, there will be a loss of productivity which can harm your sales.

If employees are told prior, they will work hard to complete their work affected by the office moving. Clients are the worst in this case because some will feel betrayed that that kind of information was hidden from them. Therefore, some clients will be forced to look for other companies that value them.   

Office moving in London is considered a chore, but it is a walk in the park with proper planning and organization with the help of Man and Van.

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