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Most Damaged Prone Items During a Move and How to Secure Them

Moving is a very stressful day for all household members. It is an exciting step, for sure, but the stress levels of the adult members are high. Aside from the fact that you have to pack, and we all know that packing takes a lot of time and effort. Another problem that homeowners face is how to transport their belongings safely to the new home. Accidents cannot be avoided, so the best advice that the Super Man and Van London Removals Services, a company from Watford, gives to their clients is to prepare themselves for possible circumstances. That is why it is always important to choose a company that is fully insured. So if you are one of those who are about to move out soon, below is a list of the items that are most prone to get damaged during a move and some tips on how to secure them.


Your expensive glassware has been with the family for a long time and you are moving soon. Be a responsible homeowner and make sure that you secure them well in their boxes so that they won’t get broken. The tip is to secure them well in bubble wrap or use old clothes as cushions. Organize them in a way that they do not bump into each other. Once secured in the box, label them well and mark them with a” fragile” sign so that movers would know how to handle them during the loading and unloading phase.


You may think that furniture doesn’t get damaged during a move because they are sturdy and heavy and not delicate. You got that fact wrong. Furniture must be handled well just like the glassware. Because of their size and weight, they are very prone to damage. Instruct and guide the movers well on how to handle the furniture to avoid damage. Make sure that the lorry that you rented also has a huge space to accommodate your big things.


Though not all, some households have art pieces that are rare and expensive. Of course, this will serve as a test for the owner if he or she really loves art or if they just bought it to make a statement. If you value your art pieces, make sure that you are responsible enough to pack them well. House Removals London companies usually ask their client beforehand if they have art pieces so that they can be prepared. Of course, as homeowners, you could ask the movers for advice if you don’t know how to pack it yourself or better yet, have them pack it for you instead. They have trained professionals who can do the job well to avoid damage. Also, the moving company you hire must be fully insured just like the Super Man and Van who does removals in Watford.

Home Electronics

Electrical appliances like the TV, speakers, and more, must be secured as well. Just like the glassware, they also need to be handled with care since they could easily break if not carried and secured well in the lorry. Electrical appliances are also expensive so as a homeowner, you also need to be sure that before they are carried to the lorry, they are all wrapped well. Guide the movers as they transport it inside the lorry so that you can also make sure that they tied or secured it well.

Herb and Flower Pots

Don’t leave your potteries behind. They could get broken as well if they are not well secured during transfer. Save money and not buy new pots, make sure that you wrap or cushion them well. You can always ask for some packing tools from the moving company so that you can do it yourself the way you want it to be packed.

When moving, we mustn’t leave it all to the movers. They are trained, yes, but as the client and the owner of the things being transported, you still hold the responsibility to keep all things in their places. You have the right to give instructions, you have the right to say something if you think that they are not doing their work right. You must act like a team so that the moving process will go smoothly. Hire a moving company that has experienced and well-trained professional movers for house removals. Make sure that they are fully insured so that all of your household things are safe. Make sure you keep the kids at bay so that they won’t break things. Check everything and every part of the old house so that you don’t leave anything behind.

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