Disaster or Emergency Checklist For Every Home

Emergency checklist home

Disaster or Emergency Checklist For Every Home

Buying a home is a big step. You have to consider a lot of things, like budget, location, decor, and the most important part, the emergency needs and factors. It pays to know more and it pays to be cautious. The Super Man With A Van Removal Services, a company from Edgware, always like to converse with their clients and always suggest that every home owner should have an emergency plan for every situation. When you shop for a home, always check if there is an emergency exit available. Consider the location if it is an accident prone area or not. If you are a soon to be home owner, try to check the list below and apply it if you can.


  1. Install Fire Exits

This is a very important requirement that every home should have. Upon the construction of the property, at least one should be made or installed. If you happen to buy a home that doesn’t have an emergency exit, it is best to have one installed before you have your family move in. If the house has two stories, make sure that there are at least two ways on how to get downstairs. In the event that there is an emergency in either floors, there will always be ways to exit.


  1. Purchase Emergency Equipment

Fire Extinguishers are not just for buildings, it can be used at home too. Purchase at least two small ones. The small ones are handy and are perfect to be used at home. Make sure that it is accessible for everyone when there is a possible emergency. Have your family members learn on how to use it. Use the technique, P-A-S-S. P for pulling the pin, A for aiming the nozzle of the hose in the base of the fire and not above the fire itself, S for squeezing the handle so that the agent can be released, and lastly, another S for sweeping the nozzle where the base of the fire is. Continue until the fire is extinguished. Learning how to operate the fire extinguisher is very important so that whoever is left in the house when a fire happens, he or she will be able to know what immediate action to do.


  1. Prepare a First Aid Kit

Emergency kits are also important. Have at least one in every home. Place them in a cabinet and label it so that everyone knows where it is. First aid kit items include, plasters of different sizes, sterile gauze of different sizes, triangular bandages, disposable sterile gloves, antiseptic cream, sticky tape, and more. Make sure the ones you purchase has the complete set of items.


  1. Agree on a meeting place

In case of emergencies, you and your family should know where to meet outside of your house. In the event that there is a situation that blocks the way to your home, all of you should have an agreed meeting place. Most of the clients that Super Man and Van meet are well aware of the places most accessible to them whenever there are any emergency situations.


  1. Have a list of emergency contact numbers

List of emergency numbers should be placed where everyone can see it. Place it near the phone table or wall. Kids should also be taught who to call as well. The list should include the emergency hot lines and the individual numbers of each of the family members.


  1. Emergency or Survival Kits

Despite how secure you and your family feel, always prepare for something like earthquakes, storms, and etc. Emergency kits should always include lots of water, food that is good for a week, clothes ready in backpacks, one for each family member, flashlights, and more. The list in the kit should be completed so if any disaster happens, you and your family are ready.


  1. Make sure that your decors are well arranged

Upon moving, assess first on where you will put certain items or appliances. For every part of the house you decorate, consider every possible emergency or disaster that would happen, like, earthquake or fire.


  1. Install security and fire alarms

For every home, it is important that there is a fire and security alarm present. Smoke detectors are very important because even if there is minimal fire, it can be detected. Alarms like these have helped a lot of family avoid a lot of fire happening and it has saved a lot of homes and lives.


All the tips and steps above should not be taken lightly and should be well applied. It is best to always invest in something that ensure the safety of everyone. Buying a home and ensuring its safety should always come together. By applying all the tips above, you and your family can sleep well and have less worries.

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