Emergency Office Removal

Times are changing at a faster pace than ever. One day may seem like any other—the next, countries are urging the public to close their doors to prevent the spread of a pandemic. Since people are being asked to stay at home, much of non-essential work is now done outside of the office. It is all made easier because most of the work can be done remotely with a computer. However, not every company is finding this transition simple.

Sudden changes in the name of pandemic response can result in the uprooting of whole businesses to smaller offices or more distant locations to save on rent. Management has to make this difficult decision if it means keeping the business—and thousands of office workers—safe and afloat.

Story: The Express Move for London Shop

This was one such experience by a small graphics print shop in London’s high street. With the pandemic at large, the flat landlord where the corner shop was located could not afford to wait for the shop owner’s delayed rent, asking him to close up and leave by the next week. Business hadn’t been good recently, and now, the future of the print shop and its staff were at risk.

The shop owner was advised to get the help of an office removals London service. After calling the service and agreeing on the terms, they were able to get the shop’s printing equipment and furniture in a lorry and off to their new—though distant—office, all in one day. The few staff were able to help manage the move along with the owner, who was thankful for the speedy and organized process.

One can only hope that their business will not face this situation. But in the event of the unthinkable, here is a list of advice for business owners doing emergency office removals

Prepare A Checklist

For companies who find themselves needing to relocate or move their office, a good word of advice is to create an office move checklist. There might not be a lot of time to plan and conduct meetings in the middle of the pandemic, but making a clear moving checklist can save time and prevent any more headaches.

To accomplish each task on the list, one can establish a reliable planning team to help with the process. Having a few extra hands on deck can divide the burden and centralize the communication among staff. They can keep other employees in the loop and mobilize them if needed.

Get Help From A Professional

Whether small or large, companies and businesses in London who have to move for the better can benefit from availing of services for Man and Van London. Especially for unexpected and urgent moves, having an expert Man and Van can help ease the process.

Office removal services are abundant, and it is just a matter of choosing one that’s best equipped for an office move in London. It may be simple to leave the whole matter to their more capable hands, but any business owner knows that it is vital to keep track and be in control of the relocation. After all, they will be handling the company’s important equipment and property.

Secure A New Office Location

Of course, knowing where the new office will be is a must before contemplating how’s of office relocation. This could be anywhere inside or outside of London. In this case, the company could be moving to somewhere farther or smaller. In the case of the latter, it could mean that some equipment may not fit anymore in the new space.

A good, quick way to remedy this is to have unneeded items placed in storage. Most office removal services in London also offer storage solutions, especially when a business has to leave their old office urgently. This is important for a more sensitive property that cannot be left vulnerable and unsecured.

On the other hand, if certain equipment is no longer useful in the new arrangement, it is in the company’s best interest to cut its losses: sell or get rid of them as soon as they can. This can help the office move become less complicated, so there is less for the planning team to track.

Inform and Insure

Now that most of the urgent issues have been or will be taken care of, the company needs to update its contact details and inform invested parties of the new office, such as accounts departments and utility providers. It is easy to neglect this step with things happening so quickly and cause quite the trouble, hindering the already stymied workflow.

At this point, it is also a good idea to find out if your equipment is covered by insurance in the case of unforeseen accidents and losses. Going through a frenzied period of relocating and reorganizing makes mistakes more prone to happen, so it is wise to take precautions that may save the company a lot of money.

Final Words

To conclude, conducting an office move in London during these times may not sound appealing, but it must nonetheless be done with utmost care and planning. However, not to worry, as the city is home to several teams of office removal services that can respond to any sudden and forced evictions of businesses in need.


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