Guide to Moving House during the Pandemic

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Guide to Moving House during the Pandemic

Moving house is among the most involving processes one can engage in. With the social distancing and the Covid-19 restrictions and perils, the process becomes twice more challenging. During these times, even the house removal company may require some guidance.


To assist you in understanding the new Covid-19 rules and regulations about the packing and removal process, experts from the Man with a Van South London have come up with tips on what to consider when hiring the right moving company.


Moving is among the essential and exciting process which requires lots of planning before the big day. This is pure truth, more so moving during the pandemic. The actual process needs socializing with more persons, things, and even places than the typical move.


With the pandemic, there is a need to consider social distancing rules, lockdowns, and other set guidelines that can influence the entire process. Here’s a list of factors to consider when moving during the pandemic to help you and your family members keep safe.


Pack Safely

Before the moving day, ensure you have clearly understood the pandemic rules and guidelines and have them part of your planning. For instance, the few trips you make to purchase moving items such as packing boxes and tapes. Make a point of purchasing additional items to cater for emergency trips. This is also the best way to stay safe when packing.


The packing boxes and packing bags should be plenty to help you avoid making emergency trips during the moving process. The receipt issued after you have bought the packing items needs to be stored well. This is to keep you on the safer side if you want to return on the things you will not require to complete the moving process. 


Man with a van south east London is worth engaging if you want to understand the new rules and guidelines for the packing process during the pandemic. For Superman with a Van Removal Services, time plays a huge role in moving out; hence, you must start packing immediately.


To make your life easier during this time, engage the moving hacks for easy packing. For the moving where one will be donating some unwanted clothing, call the agency you want to work with and get the updated pandemic rules.


House Hunt Virtually


In case you want to house-hunt during the Covid-19 period, face-to-face meetings may not be the best option. Man with a van south London recommends one to get in touch with a real estate agency that is well set to work virtually.


These may include offering virtual home tours, video conferencing apps, and 3D video for individual property exploration. This is the best way to explore some of your best property options while staying safe. However, online tours demand one to have a few selections. But this is the best way to sit safely as you move during the pandemic, according to Man and Van London experts. 


If you will require hunting the house physically, ensure you engage a real estate agent who will strictly follow the social distancing rules and regulations. The agent will help you pick the best home which meets your needs and expectations. You will also benefit from accessing a variety of vacant house options to choose from. Since the agent understands different locations well, they will help you pick an ideally located and spacious house.


Allow Your House to Disinfect


We are living in hard times; hence lots of caution is required during the moving process. When moving to a new house, ensure you have disinfected the house perfectly. This includes disinfecting the common surfaces and corners. Getting through a moving house recommends a perfect cleaning up of the new home before moving.


The current report released by the Center for Diseases Control and Prevention shows that the coronavirus lives in popular surfaces and corners of the house for a while. Therefore, thorough clean-up and disinfection of the house are required before vacating. 


If you are still stuck on how to get the house disinfected, consider working with Man with a van south east London professionals for further assistance. To keep safe during the pandemic, wait for some days after the last tenant vacates and the last repair team has come in.


After everything is perfectly done and the cleaning up is complete, start moving in immediately. If you still doubt the cleaning done, you can disinfect the house in person. You can research and study widely on the recommended disinfecting products to ensure the house is free from the virus.


Perform the Move Yourself


Hiring removal companies south east London might be unavoidable. It is preferable to work with a team of removal experts, especially if you have many items to move. However, if you can manage on your own and feel you do not need additional assistance, this is high time you go this way. We live during the pandemic risks; hence you need to do most of your things on your own.


Moving home during the pandemic is safer if you do it yourself or engage a few of your pals or relatives whom you feel have not contacted the virus. Accessing Man with a van south east London experts on your own will help you stay safe as much as possible. This is the best way to hire a moving truck on your own. Most of the moving trucks are still functional since transportation is an imperative service.


Therefore, if you want to hire a house removals London company to have your household items transported from one location to another, ensure you have performed due diligence and evaluate all the firm’s safety rules in advance. If you are not familiar with the protocols, make sure to contact the customer care staff to enquire about the safety rules they follow.


Clean and Sanitize Your New House


In most instances, one has to clean the house before moving in. Currently, to keep protected against coronavirus means you need to go an extra mile doing things beyond the norm. 


In addition to a thorough clean-up, ensure you have disinfected the new house before moving. There is a difference between cleaning and disinfecting the home. There are some removal companies south London who also offer sanitizing services on top of the house removals costs.


Cleaning means you need to use soap, while for disinfectants, you need to use bleach solutions to get rid of the virus and germs. Ensure you have cleaned the corners of the house, doorknobs, windows, switches, and the entire kitchen.


After the clean-up process, add the disinfectants and ensure you put on the mask and gloves and dispose of them after you are done. Check out the recommended sanitizing products to buy from a supplier within your region.




The internet sources offer a variety of sanitizing products and disinfectants to choose from. Here, one gains access to the listing of well-known and reputable sanitizing product suppliers within their region. Man and Van experts have a track record in recommending the clients on recommended disinfectant and sanitizing products to use in your new house.


Whether you want to move to a new home or office, following the above tips will help you feel safe during these pandemic times.



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