House Removals London will give you a stress free experience for any size of house move. We can deliver on your expectations. We are indeed the real super house removals offer for your house move, we have all the equipment and trained staff in place to help your family.

We recommend to organise a de-cluttering before starting anything else. The type of packing materials you will need are things like small boxes, medium and large, heavy duty boxes and wardrobe boxes (where you can hang your suits). You will also need packing tape, bubble wrap, marker, labels and old newspapers or packing paper.

Moving can be stressful, but there are ways to make it less stressful than you think it is possible. You should be looking forward to the change and the process will be a rewarding experience – a way to start all over again in a new, different place.

The timing element is important, as it might force you to move in the last minute, so you have to be prepared. If you can plan try to allow yourself at least one or two months beforehand, and it is best to plan for eight weeks if you need to hire a local house removal London company especially in at the beginning of the year when most of people are moving, however everything can be done without much stress in 2 months or slightly less. We do offer house removals insurance in the quote, but if you are worried about fragile items you can use plastic crates to protect them.

Try house removals London to find out for yourself.

What Do You Get With Our House Removal Service?

Moving boxes

From packing, loading, and transporting to unloading and unpacking your belongings– we can take care of every stage of the house removal process

Get a price estimate prior to contacting us with our easy-to-use House Removals calculator

Super Man with a Van works hard to offer you peace of mind, which is why every move we make is fully insured

We are a London-based company with years of experience in the house removal and relocation business

Additional deals and services also available at request

Super Man with a Van will help you move regardless of where you live, be it London or some other part of the UK

If you need to declutter your home before the move, fear not, because Super Man with a Van is also a licensed waste disposal company

Large House Removals

Whether you live in a small home or one with more than three bedrooms, we have the means to satisfy all of your home removal needs and requirements. Thanks to our extensive experience with large house removals, we can provide the right equipment and packing materials for all types of items to ensure that they are fully protected at all times and that all of your belongings are delivered safely and securely to your new home. Our fleet consists of vehicles of all sizes, so that we will always be able to pick the right type of vehicle to complete the move in one trip.

Van moving service in Watford

How Does The Home Removal Process Work?


We start by organising a free survey upon receiving your request. The survey can be done either in person or remotely. You can also get a price estimate via our house moving calculator and then fill in the adjoining quote form to send us your query.


You will be contacted by our team of moving experts,who will present you with all of the available packing and transportation options.


We will work together to arrange the most suitable moving date.


We will send a crew directly to your home anywhere in the UK, pick up your packed boxes (or, in case you haven’t already done so, pack the boxes themselves), and load them to the vehicles.


Your home items will be safely transported to the location of your choosing.


Once there, we can both unload and unpack all of your items for you.

What Makes Us Different

At Super Man with a Van, we strive to provide high-quality home removal service with 100% customer satisfaction. That requires us to be straightforward with you and explain some of the moving specifics related to home removals:

  • Our final calculation will take into account everything we talked about before the relocation, with absolutely no hidden costs. To make this possible, we also need you to provide us with accurate information about what we are transporting and where. Don’t add more boxes or additional pieces of furniture once we finalise the agreement, because it might affect our ability to complete the move within the agreed-upon time frame and price. Keep in mind that our calculation is based on what you tell us.
  • We can relocate as many boxes as you want. The only limitation is the permissible gross weight of our moving vehicles, so review the specifications of our fleet to find out more about it.
  • Extra services like disassembly/assembly of furniture or house cleaning are also available. However, for us to take it into account, you should notify us before the moving day. Keep in mind that some of those services may not be available outside of London.
  • Our movers are also trained to connect and disconnect any appliances you may have, including dishwashers, tumble dryers, and washing machines. However, if you have gas appliances, we recommend you use a gas safe engineer, which we can arrange for you. In case you also need us to drill walls and hook your paintings, we can provide a professional handyman.


1. How much does it cost to move house?

The cost of a house move depends on a variety of factors, including the complexity, the size of the goods, the customer’s requirements, and the distance. We can either organise a property survey to give you a price estimate or you can get a price estimate yourself with the help of our house moving calculator.

2. Can you help me dismantle my furniture?

Yes, our movers can also help you disassemble your furniture and they have all the basic tools at their disposal. However, to take this into account when calculating the time frame, we need to know about it in advance.

3. What Do I need to do before you get to my place?

To enable our teams to load and unload your belongings, you need to secure unobstructed access to your home on the day of the move. Let your landlords and neighbours know about the move in advance and secure parking space. Make sure to notify your moving coordinator if you need a permit, so that they can contact your local council to arrange it. To ensure there are no surprises or disruptions, all of this needs to be taken care of before we get there.

House Moving Tips

1. Carefully consider the weight of the moving boxes

According to the health and safety recommendations, for a box to be lifted and stacked without a problem, its weight should be under 20 kg. Anything bigger should have a “HEAVY” label attached and placed in the lorry or van as a base. To preserve the integrity of the crates and make sure that the ones on the bottom aren’t smashed, you shouldn’t stack more than 5 or 6 crates. A good mover will never make a row with crates alone but will use a mix of furniture and boxes to load his vehicle instead.

2. Make sure we can transport all of your belongings

Unfortunately, safety regulations prevent us from transporting certain things. This means you will have to either sell them or dispose of them yourself before the move. Check our FAQ pageto see a full list of these items or simply ask your moving coordinator.

3. Pack your stuff properly

The clothes and items you own can be packed in many different types of boxes. Protect your furniture with stretch wrap and add a bubble wrap layer for the more valuable items. Make sure to label everything properly. The smaller elements of dismantled items should be placed in ziplock bags and attached to the bigger pieces with tape. This will let you know which item the bolts and nuts belong to and prevent you from losing them.

4. Prepare the appliances before we arrive

You can leave basic things like disconnecting a washer to our movers.However, make sure to prepare other white goods before we arrive at your place. Unplug, defrost, and clean your fridges and freezers prior to loading. If you require more serious tasks like mains connections, a certified electrician or plumber is highly advised.

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