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How do Movers Handle Fragile Items Correctly?

Unless you hire professional house removals London, moving from one home to another in the UK can be quite a hassle and risky thing. Professional movers do so much more than just moving items from one house to the next, they also handle everything from packing to sorting your items. They handle their work with care and expertise so that your items will be safely moved without the danger of damage to these items.

The main problem when moving house to London is the handling of fragile items. Fragile items are not a thing to worry about when professionals are the ones handling them. They have their ways of how they can safely moving your items without even so much as a scratch on them.

Here are some of the techniques they use when moving fragile items:

1. They Use Smaller Containers for Heavy Fragile Items

Smaller containers are much easier to handle and the items inside would be less likely to shift around when moving. They also make sure that any extra spaces inside the containers are filled with some sort of padding like Styrofoam or bubble wrap.

2. They Don’t Use Frail Containers

They never use light and fragile containers because that would just invite danger to the items they are moving. They would most likely use thick and sturdy boxes when moving items. If they spot any sign of damage to their containers, they would usually just discard them.

3. They Always Use Extra Tape to Secure the Bottom of the Boxes

Whenever house removals are being done, cardboard boxes are always the main containers because they are cheap but reliable. These cardboard boxes may indeed be reliable but an added protection, especially on the bottom is how the pros do it. There are instances that the bottom of the box may give, especially if the items being stored are heavy.

4. They Put the Heaviest Items on the Bottom

For the fragile items not to be crushed, they are usually packed on the top of the box. Doing so will prevent the fragile items from being crushed under the weight of the heavier objects.

5. They Use Dividers for Stemware and Glasses

When professional movers have to handle any kind of stemware or glasses, they would usually use dividers for them. Some movers would use cardboard dividers for their boxes, others would use special containers that are designed to have built-in dividers.

6. They Use Packing Paper to Fill-out Hollow Items

Hollow items are fragile and the professional movers know this. That is why they always fill the hollow items with packing paper. This is a way to help soften the vibration which is the main cause for the hollow items to break apart.

7. They Wrap Each Item Piece by Piece

Professional Man and Van London expend their time and effort wrapping each item individually because this is a sure way to safely move fragile items. The most delicate and pricy items such as china, are usually wrapped with high-quality bubble wrap and then secured with tape, this is to ensure that they will be safe during the journey.

8. They Use Ample Amounts of Packing Tape

Professionals usually use an ample amount of packing tape when securing items that are wrapped with packing paper or bubble wrap. This is to make sure that the wrapping will be intact and that they will be supported thoroughly.

9. They Label the Boxes Clearly

Whenever a box or container is filled with fragile items, the pros usually label them immediately to avoid mishandling of the box. The labels the pros use are usually very clear to avoid any case of mismanagement of the boxes.

10. They Have Their Own Luton Van or Lorry

Having their vehicle that has all the essential equipment needed to safely and securely move items is how they also do it. The vehicles have been specially built so that the boxes or containers would be less likely to move around inside the van.

As part of their house removals business, professional Man and Van always make sure that your items will be handled with every bit of care from the sorting, packing, and unpacking. If any damages may happen to your items, which is very unlikely to happen, the company would usually give you some sort of compensation.


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