How to Let Your Kids Know You Are Moving

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How to Let Your Kids Know You Are Moving

For most people, moving can be a stressful experience to undertake. Fortunately, there are available house moving services such as house removals in London that make moving much convenient.

However, another issue is letting your family members, especially children know about moving. Most parents find it difficult to initiate the talk of moving to their children for various reasons.

Children behave and process the thought of moving differently according to age. Younger kids will feel scared at times since they associate their home with their world. For older kids, it is difficult to leave their school, friends, and the comfort that they are used to having.

Below are ways to initiate the moving conversation with your child.

Let Them know in Advance

It is necessary to involve the kids in every family decision and this involves moving. Let them know about the move as soon as you can so they don’t hear it from someone else. This also helps to ease the anxiety that comes with moving into a new place.

Find the Right Time

Set a family meeting and make sure every family member is in the house. It is much better to have a conversation where everyone is comfortable and in an open environment. You can do this after diner or whenever you feel right. It will also help if it’s an impromptu meeting to make sure kids do not think of anything that would worry them.


Make Them Understand That It’s the Final Decision

After a family discussion, it is necessary to let the kids know that the moving decision is final. Also, make sure that you stay firm with the decision. Expressing doubts is not helpful and would only cause confusion and worry to the kids. Try not to be nervous in front of the kids and do it confidently.


Stay Open

Always acknowledge that your child may get upset with the decision of moving house London and this can be therapeutic. So, you should keep an open mind about their response and allow them to interrogate about moving and any concerns that they may have. Most importantly, allow them to express their thoughts and feelings. Kids need to know that they are involved and heard.


Share All Relevant Information

When talking to kids, it is important to furnish them with all the details about moving. Give them information such as where you will be moving to, the reason for moving, when you will be moving, and how the moving process will be done.


Provide Room for Questions

As mentioned, allow them to absorb information about moving and ask questions if they want to. Remember, as a parent, you should answer all questions about moving with all honesty. Let them know if there are uncertainties as well. Additionally, always maintain an open environment and encourage them to tell what they feel and expect about moving. In every
family discussion, always involve them regardless of the kid’s age and let them speak their minds.

Stay Positive

Create a positive environment by telling kids the benefits and good things about moving. Let them know the advantages and why the move is for the greater good of the family. Most importantly, be honest and set realistic expectations too! Avoid giving them overstated information and promises.


Be a Team

Kids need to know they are part of the team. Reassure them in every way and tell them when their help is needed. Get them involved by allocating them tasks and always be around to help if they feel frustrated and worried about moving.


Meet Regularly as a Family

Moving requires a lot of time and energy. Thus, it is necessary to set a regular time to meet as a family and hold open a discussion and give the kids. This will give them the chance to express their thoughts and ask questions. The regular meetups can progress into a routine and an avenue for the family members to get updated and give details. As much as possible, let them know every detail of the moving house London. This will encourage open communication and let the kids feel that they


Help Your Child Settle-in

After the move, make sure that you help your child settle in their room and are comfortable with their new school. You may also want to seek the professional help of a therapist if your child has a hard time with the transition.



Talking to kids is the most effective way to prepare them to move regardless of the situation. Moving can be challenging; thus, it is important to stay positive and weigh the good things.
Always try to reassure the kids and involve them in every step. The process of moving will make a family learn from one another, grow stronger and closer together. Also, don’t forget to get help from man and van London for a seamless moving process.

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