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How to Move an Entire Garden to a New Home?

Moving to a new home doesn’t always mean that you have to say goodbye to your beloved garden. There are plenty of reasons why you might want to keep your garden. You might have purchased a greenhouse and your garden plants would be perfect for that place.

Perhaps the new home that you have just acquired has the perfect landscape for your garden. Maybe you just want to keep the plants that you have cared for and nurtured since they were still saplings.

In any case, whatever the reason you might have for moving an entire garden, there are certain things you have to consider first to help make sure that your plants will survive the journey.

The Right Season for Moving a Garden

Summer would be the worst time to move your plants since the heat of the season can bring great dryness to the plants’ roots, thus damaging them. Leaving the roots exposed to the heat of the Sun and wind can cause the roots to desiccate rather quickly.

Moving to a place during winter isn’t such a good idea either. The soil will be frozen and covered with lots of snow, making it a real challenge to do a transplant. Plants and winter don’t go too well unless you have a greenhouse, now that’s another story.

The perfect time to move plants may vary depending on the type of plant you have.

 Evergreen plants = These are plants that stay green all year long. These plants would be best moved during October or late March. During this time, the soil will start to warm up, hence the perfect time to do a transplant. Warm soil can help the
roots to re-establish themselves quickly.

 Deciduous plants – these are plants that lose their leaves during the wintertime. These plants are a lot easier to transfer and can be moved at any time between October around the middle of March.

To prevent the roots from drying out too quickly, a calm and dull day is the perfect time to do a transplant.

Replanting Tips

Once you have uprooted your plant, it would be best to transfer them quickly to the new location. If the new location is quite far, then your option would be to transplant them to a temporary home. Leaving the plant uprooted for an ample amount of time will make it harder for the plant to set itself to the soil properly.

If you have trenches or holes ready for your plants, be sure to water them thoroughly to make sure that the plants will survive during the transplant. Moist soils can also help with establishing the roots quickly.

Reducing the Plants’ Stress

Yes, plants can get stressed too especially if it is being uprooted and moved from one place to another.

Here are some great ways to relieve them of the stress:

 Cool it down – Give the plants a little shower to help cool down the leaves.

 Shade – Direct sunlight can be quite deadly to a newly transplanted plant.

 Daily care – The usual daily care for the plants like watering them and checking for pests every single day is another way to make sure it will survive.

Professional Help

Certain businesses deal with house removals London and these guys can also help you move your entire garden. This is one way to ensure that all your plants and garden accessories will be transferred without any issues.

Professional movers have the right tools and equipment for house removals, especially when dealing with transferring a whole garden. With the right tools and equipment, your garden will be safe from any harm during the moving process.

Not only are professional movers equipped with the right tools and equipment, but they also have the right vehicles for certain types of plants. Trees can be quite difficult to move but with the help of a professional Man and Van, your beloved trees can surely be transferred to your new home.

So, if ever you are planning on moving house to London, remember that you can also transfer your entire garden. With the right knowledge and equipment, everything is possible, including moving an entire garden with the help of Man and Van London.


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