HR Guide to Office Relocation

Office relocation is both a season of stress and excitement. Various benefits come with the office move, such as a chance to get new equipment. However, the business has to involve many logistics to ensure that the task is achieved successfully, which usually falls in the hands of the Human resource department.

The following are some key steps that should be aware of if you are an HR professional planning for your office relocation:

Understand the Relocation Process

Most people who manage office removals do not clearly understand what it is all about. Before making blind decisions, ensure you understand what constitutes the office relocation process.

Start Planning Your Office Relocation Early

As soon as your business decides to relocate, planning should begin immediately. Before beginning a detailed office relocation planning, top-level management must agree on various issues.

Office Relocation Project Team

For this case, you need to check whether your company has some experts in managing the office relocation process. If not, you may need to hire an office relocation project manager from Office Removals London to oversee relocation. You may also decide to combine both external and internal expertise. Whatever is your decision, ensure that it suits your company best.

Identify & Promote the Positives

As a company, you need to decide whether you will relocate with your office equipment and furniture or you are going to purchase other equipment. It might also be that your new office is near bars, restaurants, shopping, bus stops and parking.

Whatever are the advantages of your new office, they should be communicated to staff members. Your office environment will play a huge role in driving performance. You also need to decide to consult office designers from office moves London to have the right layout for your office.

Communication – Often and Openly

Communication is important for your business; thus, it needs careful attention. The relocation allows your company to evaluate communication gadgets and technologies and decide whether to transfer your IT services and homes to cheaper, scalable, and appropriate solutions.

On the other hand, some issues such as changes in schedules, parking allocations, and workspaces may seem trivial; they are important to your employees. The senior management team should consider issues that are likely to arise from business relocation and develop a plan on how to address them uniformly.

Storage and Archiving

Office Space can be expensive; thus, you should use the relocation as an opportunity to decide which items you need to move to your new office and those that can be kept in cheaper storage facilities. Businesses also use their office to store their documents and files electronically. Ensure that unwanted items are disposed of. You need to consult Man and Van London for assistance in storage and archiving.

Change Management 

Office relocation is usually a time for a change, and most times, it is usually exciting. But when changes are introduced in a business, uncertainty settles in. Some staff may be agents moving due to uncertainty. Staff involvement is important to maintain productivity after and during relocation.

This means that the management should anticipate the likely issues while still encouraging dialogue before business relocation. The business should also give reasons to the staff on the reason for moving. The Man and Van team should also pay attention to the workload and commitment of the employees.

Ask for Feedback After the Business Relocation

A successful business relocation always promotes business performance a few months after relocation. The best way to enhance morale and momentum is to ask your employees for feedback regarding business relocation. The feedback received helps you further improve by addressing issues while still building on business relocation successes.

Final Words

One of the primary roles of HR personnel is to ensure that the workforce of a company is well taken care of, which is why they should be hands-on when it comes to the whole relocation process.

At the end of the day, although moving your entire office is stressful not only for the HR department, it has a long list of benefits that will eventually make all the efforts worth it. Just make sure to plan and execute the process thoroughly to avoid hiccups along the way.


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