Is Moving to the Country a Good Idea?

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Is Moving to the Country a Good Idea?

Are you thinking of moving to another place for good? Do you have any of your favourite places in mind? How about the countryside? If you are contemplating moving, then you should read this article.

So, before you call on your house removals, read this thoroughly. We will be providing you with reasons why moving to the country will be a good idea. Living a life in the country may not be the dream of every individual. Some may even find it challenging since it provides a new or uncanny experience. However, for some, living in the green fields, a close-knit community with fresh air, is a dream come true.

Before you finally decide on moving to the country, you have to analyse the different advantages and disadvantages. You also have to be aware of the challenges moving to the country might entail. Keep in mind that the city is different from the country, especially if you are from London.


In this article, we will talk about four advantages of moving to the country. So, treat this as a holiday sit back and relax, and take a deep breath while you let us convince you to move to the country.


By just taking a look at the scenery, it is no doubt that moving to the countryside will be beneficial to the health. When you move to the countryside, the fresh air and the green fields will most likely welcome you. You can choose to jog early in the morning or have picnics. The countryside provides these options to you.

Moreover, the reason why moving to the countryside is beneficial to health is because you have more access to nature. You are now near Mother Earth. You also have access to organic products. This will, no doubt, be beneficial to your health and appetite.
Are you thinking of moving to the countryside yet? As you can see, moving to the countryside means less stress and more benefits to your health. However, do not call house removals London yet. We are more than keen to provide you with many benefits.


We all know that living in the city is very tiring. The hustle and bustle pressure an individual to move too quickly. You have traffic, pollution, slobs either hitting on you or trying to scare you, and of course, hectic schedules for trains and buses. However, the countryside provides a healthier environment for you.

In the countryside, you will never have traffic and a busy schedule. It is just you on holiday. You also do not have to keep up with the city’s hustle and bustle as the countryside does not have any. You can move at your own pace. This only proves that moving into the countryside will lessen your stress. The peace that the countryside provides will be beneficial to your mental health.


According to statistics, the crime rate is lower in the countryside in comparison to the city. This states that crimes like robbery, murder, and assault are less likely to happen in the countryside.

There are fewer people and a close-knit community; you can expect that you will be safer in the countryside than in the city.
If you also have kids, they will go to school safely since the countryside does not have any traffic. They can also opt to ride bikes and take strolls as they will not get lost due to a safe environment.


Moving into the countryside will improve your financial situation gradually. As the countryside has a smaller population, living costs tend to be cheaper than living in a busy city. For example, buying or renting a house in the countryside is cheaper than the houses or flats located in the city. You can also choose a house in the countryside depending on the size that you want.

Moreover, essential products such as goods or groceries are cheaper in the countryside than in the city’s prices. So, if you want to save up, live in the country. As you can probably conclude by now, moving to the countryside is a good idea. House Removals to the countryside from cities such as London can be challenging. The adjustment period will also be hard at first, but you will get used to it. Other than the different benefits, the fresh air and the scenery will welcome you. So, call on Man and Van London and get a lorry van started. Moving to the countryside is never a bad idea with the help of Man and Van!

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