Living In The London Borough Of Ealing

Living In The London Borough Of Ealing

Close your eyes and tell us the first image that comes to your mind when we ask you to picture London. 

– What do you see?

– Towering corporate buildings, roads full of buses and black cabs, and sidewalks full of people wearing suits.

Well, if your imagination had any of these components, you have never been to London in the last two decades or so.

London has become a much more colorful place than you picture it to be. It is filled with friendly neighborhoods and wonderful personalities.

One such place in London is Ealing, the heart of London city.

Today, we will talk about whether it is a good idea to move to Ealing. If it is, what to expect from the London Borough Of Ealing.


Moving To Ealing

Ealing is a majestic place to live your life. It gives you a sense of serenity with a pinch of dynamic living style. Ealing stretches from the edges of Chiswick Out to the Northolt. It has been one of the top places people visit to find the right profession and live a fulfilling life.

Ealing is a place of historical importance that makes it one of the most complete places to live in. It has a mix of quality properties that can accommodate people of all statuses, has a good schooling environment for the children, and excellent transport links that connect every corner of London.

In addition, Ealing is the third largest and fourth most culturally diverse borough in London.


What Is It Like To Live In Ealing?

Ealing is the personification of the green space, a mix of amenities, and excellent transport communication that has raised its popularity in the last decade.

The London Ealing is made of Ealing Broadway, Ealing Common, West Ealing, and South Ealing. With the availability of all living amenities, Ealing offers a fine slice of west London living.

With a wealth of affordable housing and a number of leafy hotspots, Ealing offers something to every individual who lives in Ealing.


1. Excellent Schools

A place can only be considered excellent if it has great schooling facilities, and Ealing offers some of the great facilities at every level of schooling. 

Ealing is a host of excellent primary schooling, secondary schooling and even offers special educational needs.

For children looking forward to starting their school life in Ealing, it offers 69 primary schools settings of at least four-star rating by Ofsted.

In addition, Ealing also offers great secondary schooling options from which many boats have given above-average grades.

Ahh, we forgot about those tiny tots. If you have little ones full of energy, Ealing is equipped with high-quality day nurseries and playgrounds.


2. Leisure & Amenities

As we have already said that the London borough of Ealing is the heart of London, you can expect to get all the necessary amenities. 

For those who like to shop until they drop, Ealing Broadway might be just the perfect place for you. Ealing broadway offers quality stores with high street retail brands. After doing all those shopping, if you feel tired, you can refresh yourself with the coffee shop and eateries.

If you are a health-conscious individual and want an establishment like a Gym, swimming pool, or grounds where you can do some physical activity, Ealing’s Gurnell Leisure Centre might be the best place for you.


3. Thorough Transport Links

Out of many things that the London borough of Ealing boasts about is its transportation links. Ealing Broadway has redefined the transportation link with roads linking almost every corner of London.

Ealing acts like the bus HubSpot for London, from where you can get buses for almost every place. In addition, Ealing also has a separate route for cyclists, which makes Ealing one of the safest places to ride your cycle.


A Guide To Life In Central London

So, you have finally decided to live in Ealing! Well, you have certainly made a bright choice. Living in Ealing offers outstanding greenery and a sense of calmness. However, before you can move into Ealing, you must know a few things.

1. House Prices In Ealing

There are plenty of excellent properties in Ealing for those who are thinking of living in Ealing. In fact, this area is renowned for its variety of properties that can serve every layer of socio-economic status.

The allure of this magnificent city ensures that whoever comes to live in Ealing lives here for the longest. 

When it comes down to the cost, as it is expected, houses are pretty expensive, and the market continues to grow. According to Zoopla, the average cost of flats has been 450,000 pounds and 1,100,000 pounds for terraced houses.

2. Cost Of Living

It is a fact that London is the most expensive place in the UK to live. However, in Ealing, you can expect a reduced cost of property compared to Mayfair, Belgravia, and Kensington. Although the prices reduce when you move to Ealing, the drop is insignificant.

If you live in Ealing and want to achieve your financial goals, you simply need to work on your finances and look for places where you can get discounts on your purchase.

Once you start living in Ealing, you must think about your actions carefully. If you do not want something from the mall – do not enter. Even the entry fees to the mall are quite high compared to the other areas.

Here is a trick out of many that will help you save from your spendings. Invest in a Tastecard. For a little of six British pounds, you can become a member and enjoy 50% off on your favorite takeaways.


Final Thoughts

Living in Ealing offers a wealth of opportunities to enjoy your life. If you enjoy plenty of greenery and a serene environment, Ealing is the right place for you.

We hope that this guide highlighted the things you were looking for. If there’s anything more you want to know about London Borough Ealing, drop your queries in the comment section. We will ensure all the queries are answered.

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