Millennials As Inspirations For The Latest Trends in Home Design

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Millennials As Inspirations For The Latest Trends in Home Design

In order to earn more sales and attract more attention from customers, interior designers and home builders need inspiration. They need to keep up with the latest trends and incorporate those trends into their work. Keeping up with what is presently in demand is a need especially for those who are in the designing business. The most demanding and fashion forward customers of today are the Millennials. For the movers of Super Man With A Van, they make up most of the population today. Most of them are independent and live on their own. They have this new characteristic that separates and differentiates them from the previous generation of people. Because they make up majority of the population and they are good customers, most products and designs we find in the market today cater to their needs.


For young bloods who are thinking of becoming independent and looking to buy houses, they always look for properties that have a minimalistic look and feel. This type of design is inspired by the youth of today. The minimalistic design literally means minimal and making use of the power of space and simplicity. Most apartments designed in this trend are clean and simple starting from every furniture down to the kitchen. Every room doesn’t have to be full of decor and furniture. One significant and eye catching painting in the wall, a statement jar or vase, and one signature couch, then it definitely gives off that minimalistic aura. Nowadays, the bigger the space in a home, the better. Having not too many items inside your own property makes you feel more relaxed after a long day at work.


The people of the new generation live a fast paced life. They basically eat, sleep, work, socialize, and repeat. They hardly stay at home because they are busy with their careers and travels. If they do stay at their home, they prefer it to be comfortable and stress free. Since they live a fast paced lifestyle, they want to be in a place where everything can be done and seen right away. Hence, the minimalistic design. They don’t have time to do thorough cleaning and organizing that is why they prefer to use lesser stuff. Since the world and services has also innovated, they have everything they need outside. That is why the need to purchase too many home appliances are not a priority.


As an independent young individual who has his own flat, you want the design of your home to reflect your personality. Simplicity is a must and is the most desired look. To have a very busy day at work and to go home to a very clean, and comfortable home is the best feeling ever. Not having to stress yourself out with cleaning and all, is the life everyone wants to live. To sum it up as a conclusion, any design like vintage, sporty, and more can pretty much become minimalistic. The point of the look is to incorporate the owners sense of style into it and use minimal furniture and decor as possible. Whatever the look or style is, as long as the room does not get too crowded, the point of minimalism is achieved.


Designers are always keeping their eyes on whatever designs and looks are on trend. It is their job to create a look that caters to their clients’ needs. Since more and more young people are working and going independent, as an interior designer, create a look that will catch their attention. Orient yourselves regarding the latest trends in home decorating. Hunt some of the fashion forward and stylish furniture and place them in the property that you are working on. Home builders should also get to know the personality of the millennials if they want to build something that they want to buy. The trendier the look, the better. To consider the needs and wants of your customer is a quality that every designer and builder should possess. They are your clients after all. Taking into consideration their ideas and then making it even better makes you a very resourceful and creative professional.


Young individuals of today are inspired from their predecessors. It may be that the way they live their lives is different from the previous generation but they do have one thing in common, and that is the essence of comfort. All of us just want to feel comfortable by all means. No matter what design, no matter what generation, at the end of the day, we all want to go home, rest, and feel safe at our own houses. Super Man and Van, a company from Harrow, is a witness to all of that. The company has been around for more than twenty years. They have served and worked for different kinds of clients, young and old.

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