If you plan for an office move around Stratford, you need a strategy to ensure that everything will be moved safely. The first thing you need to know is that office furniture is heavy, and lifting can result in muscle strains or injury. Therefore you need to engage professionals that will carry out the task appropriately without damages or injury.

This article will discuss important tips that can apply when moving office furniture.

Moving Office Furniture Tips

Here are some easy yet helpful office furniture moving tips:

Prepare in Advance

Moving office furniture doesn’t have to be complicated. If you plan early enough and delegate duties to your employees, you will relocate properly with minimal hitches. Avoid the last-minute rush because it can result in the loss of essential documents.

Whether consolidating for efficiency or moving to a larger space, start the planning process early for a smooth relocation. Ensure that you prepare your employees in advance so that nothing will catch them by surprise.

Research on the Best Moving Company

Many companies offer services in office moves Stratford. Carry out thorough research and find out the one that offers services that match your moving needs. It would be best if you considered factors such as cost, time, services, and convenience. For instance, some office furniture movers will unpack your drawers at a cost, while others will require you to have unpacked before they start moving your furniture.

You can ask for referrals from colleagues or friends and find out which one will match your budget. You can compare at least three companies and have their representatives visit your office and quote the cost of moving the furniture. You should also engage the services of a licensed and insured company for the security of your furniture.

Appoint a Move Manager From Your Employees

This part applies to big organizations that have plenty of staff and furniture. The manager will delegate duties to other employees and ensure that everything is unpacked appropriately. The move manager will also follow up with office moves Stratford and inform you of the progress. A person with prior experience in relocating will be the best fit for this task.

Visit the New Office and Carry Out a Floor Plan

This is the essential part of moving because it will enable you to carry out a proper plan of where different furniture will be placed and how desks and cabinets will be arranged. It will also help in determining if space is enough or you have to squeeze some furniture. After coming up with a proper plan, you can then give it to the furniture movers to use on the day of moving.

Empty the Drawers and Cabinets

A day or two before moving, ensure that you empty all the drawers and keep on the stationery in labelled cartons. If you have several employees, each of them should empty their own drawers to avoid confusion. By doing this, you will lighten the burden of moving heavy drawers. You can also ask the furniture movers to help you with unpacking if you wish.

Unbolt and Disassemble Office Furniture

Unbolting furniture can be cumbersome and time-consuming. To save time, ensure that you unbolt all the desks, cabinets, and shelves with your employees’ help. You can carry out this task a day before moving or some hours before the office moves Stratford services arrive.

Your team can also assist you in dissembling the furniture and keeping bolts and screws in one bag. This plan will ensure that you do not lose any of them in the process of moving. It will also be easier to assemble your furniture once you arrive at the new location.

Office Moves London


What sets Super Man with a Van Removals apart from other removal companies? We actually listen. Prior to the actual move, it is standard procedure to contact ahead of time and craft out a plan for the move, to ensure that everything is exactly the way you want it. We also provide suggestions and strategies on how to save money, time, and effort when it comes to packing.


Timing is essential when planning an office move. Therefore, we take careful steps to ensure that the timing is down pat before anything else. If you need to have a move done overnight or over weekends, Super Man with a Van Removals can perform this for you easily. This means you don’t need to take time off work or spend unnecessary time waiting.


Our aim is to ensure that every aspect of your move is satisfactory, including the price. Give us a call today and we’ll give you a free quotation. We also frequently offer great bonuses and discounts to our members.


Got unwanted and unnecessary items at the office that you’d like to get rid of? No problem. By booking an office move with us, you are entitled to a FREE delivery of any items towards the nearest charity institution within 5 miles. Not only will you be able to save office space, but you’ll be helping the less fortunate in your local community.


Thousands of people across London book removal services every day. Know what they have in common? They fail to prepare and research beforehand. Trust is a big thing to give, and trusting a big company with your precious and irreplaceable goods should not be done lightly. Don’t jump into cold water and fail to do any effective research before booking. Get a quotation first and make sure that the service is right for you, otherwise you may end of incurring even higher charges than what you expected.


Having office equipment and a lot of electronics means that you may need to temporarily stash away some goods prior to being transferred to the new office. Super Man with a Van Removals also offers storing services which includes around-the-clock security systems and alarms in order to provide a safe and secure holding area. Short term or long term, we’ve got it ready for you.


Migrating technology from one office to another can become a huge mess if not done properly. Our IT specialists work closely with your own on-site IT personnel to ensure not only complete delivery and setup of all hardware, but also that fragile electrical components are packed and shipped with the proper care needed. With your consent we will even cleanse the hardware while it’s not in use, so by the time it’s ready to setup – everything’s clean as a whistle.

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