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In November 2015, the London Borough of Barnet selected a design team to plan Burnt Oak town core. In addition, the council has received cash from the Greater London Authority’s High Street Fund to implement various short-term industrial development projects that are integral to the broader, long-term plan.

DLA Architecture has been commissioned by Linkcity to develop a new industrial scheme in Burnt Oak, North West London, and support communal areas. Bouygues Construction’s UK property development subsidiary, Linkcity, has over 20 intriguing projects in various stages of development, including residential and communal, commercial, retail, and leisure, to be developed at Burnt Oak.

It strongly emphasizes regeneration to create long-term locations that promote people’s well-being and employment opportunities. Hence, moving your office to Burnt Oak will not be a wrong decision, given so many commercial projects are already taking place in the town.

Network Homes has also signed a contract to create 100 affordable homes in Burnt Oak, Edgware, and redevelop a vacant property. The current location is a former supermarket, and the renovation will feature new commercial space to promote new jobs and small businesses in the area.

Office Removals In Burnt Oak

Office removal drops multiple nuisances on your shoulder because it’s not just about checking the viability of the new location but also taking the headache of wrapping up the old office. If you’ve never packed your entire office before, it’s time you make a checklist and a to-do list to get ahead of the game.

You may pack all of your stuff into specialized boxes, such as a wardrobe cardboard box with a safety sheet for essential files, get rid of everything you don’t need, and plan how to make your move as stress-free as possible because you don’t have much time before your relocation. If you need help with packing and moving so that you can focus on your work, you can hire Superman with a Van.

These skilled professionals will know what to do because they had packed thousands of offices before and shifted them elsewhere. If you hire them, they will get everything out of the office on time, as you will have a deadline for emptying the property and moving into the new place.

Hiring Superman With A Van To Help You Move Your Office To Burnt Oak

You can contact Superman with a Van once you’ve set a moving date, and we’ll arrange for a dedicated team of specialists to work on your move, led by a team leader who will keep you informed at all times on how and when things will be done.

This will guarantee no last-minute surprises, that all boxes are organized and packed, that all utility contracts have been modified, and that you have an agreed-upon moving date with them.

Ensure you have a designated parking spot outside your office to park all vehicles engaged in the move. Also, let your neighbor offices know you’re relocating so they can assist you with finding a parking spot.

If you hire Superman with a Van, you get:

  • Flexible moving schedule on weekends.
  • Proper help in disposing of unwanted things.
  • Packing your fragile and oversized items separately.
  • Expert handling of the goods with no damage.

About Burnt Oak

Burnt Oak is an excellent place to live, which probably dictates its credibility as a nice place to work. Just think about it. What would you consider as red flags if you were to relocate your office to Burnt Oak?

For example, if the place did not have notable transportation, it would be difficult for employees to commute. Likewise, if the site did not have enough neighboring businesses, it would be difficult for the entire office to survive.

However, Burnt Oak Station has been modernized to make it cleaner, brighter, and safer for passengers, but all historic characteristics have been meticulously preserved. Tube Lines’ rehabilitation for London Underground (LU) is one of the first tangible signs of billions invested in the capital’s transportation infrastructure.

The stations themselves have a brighter appearance and feel, and the installation of modern technology has resulted in significant advances in information delivery and passenger safety. It means if you decide to move your office to Burnt Oak, you will have no difficulty commuting.

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Offices In Burnt Oak

Burnt Oak is not the home of international businesses, but many small businesses are located in the town. For example, Burnt Oak Partners is an M&A consultancy organization focused on the IT industry and cutting-edge services. They have offices all over Nordics, Benelux, and the United Kingdom.

Apart from that, Bright Cleaner UK Ltd, Weatherman Air Conditioning Ltd, Senshi Ryu Martial Arts, Dan’s Carpets and Flooring, Martin’s, Afro Cosmetics, Costa, ECovers, Mackin Scissors are some other examples of SMEs in this town. It reflects the appropriate business culture in Burnt Oak, which will be a suitable opportunity for you to move your office here.

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