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Moving House Countdown: Your Week-By-Week Checklist With Tips and How Man and Van Simplifies East London Moves

People say that house removals is one of the most stressful things that can happen to you. A lot of planning, patience, and sometimes just strength are needed. But what if we told you it doesn’t have to be this way? Nestled in the heart of every moving chaos is a silver lining – a well-planned, step-by-step approach to relocation that can transform pandemonium into a structured symphony. And when you’re moving within the vibrant communities of East London, tapping into the local resource of Man and Van East London services can be a game-changer. So, grab a cuppa, take a deep breath, and let’s walk through your moving house countdown, week by week.

8 Weeks Before Move: Dream, Plan, and List

Before the boxes come out and the bubble wrap unfurls, start with a vision. Why are you moving? Is it for more space, a fresh start, or a new job? Use this ‘why’ to fuel your planning.


Dream: Visualize your new space. What do you want it to feel and look like? This vision will keep you motivated.

Research: Look up Man and Van services in East London. They’re flexible, typically more affordable, and perfect for navigating the area’s charming but often narrow streets.

Inventory: Start cataloging what you own. Divide items into categories: keep, sell, donate, or discard.

7 Weeks Before Move: Get Quotations and Start the Purge

Now’s the time to reach out to potential ‘Man and Van’ services. These East London pros often come with local knowledge and can maneuver through the snaking lanes like nobody else.


Quotes: Gather at least three quotes from ‘Man and Van’ providers. Look for good reviews and fair pricing.

Declutter: Begin the purge. Sell items online or at car boot sales, donate to charity shops, and responsibly discard the rest.

6 Weeks Before Move: Notify and Notify Again

Things like electricity, schools, and doctors are all connected in life. It’s important to let them know about your move ahead of time.


Notify: Schools, doctors, banks, and utility providers need to know you’re moving.

Supplies: Order moving supplies like boxes, tape, and markers.

5 Weeks Before Move: Packing Begins

It’s time to start boxing up your life, but not haphazardly. A systematic approach now saves headaches later.


Pack: Begin with the items you use —label boxes by room and contents.

Personal Documents: Keep passports, birth certificates, and other essential documents in a safe and accessible folder.

4 Weeks Before Move: Addressing the Details

Change of address jobs are many, but they can be done if you pay close attention to the little things.


Address Change: Redirect your mail through Royal Mail’s redirection service.

Utilities: Set up your utilities at the new address and schedule disconnection at your old one for moving day.

3 Weeks Before Move: The Big Push

You should be half-packed by now. The finish line is in sight, but there’s still plenty to do.


Confirm: Reconfirm dates and details with your ‘Man and Van’ service.

Pack More: Increase your packing pace. Daily life should start to feel sparse.

2 Weeks Before Move: The Nitty-Gritty

As you near moving day, focus sharpens on the small stuff – the nitty-gritty that can get overlooked.


Essentials Box: Pack a box with items you’ll need immediately upon arrival – think kettle, snacks, and chargers.

Furniture Measurements: Ensure your bulky items will fit through the doors at both your old and new homes.

1 Week Before Move: Final Preparations

The last week is about ensuring all your ducks are in a row, ready for the transition.


Pack, Pack, Pack: By now, everything except essentials should be boxed up.

Day-Before Box: Prepare a box for the last items you’ll use the night before and the morning of the move.

Moving Day: The Grand Finale

With the proper prep, the big day should be more excitement than exasperation.


Man and Van Arrives: They’ll handle the heavy lifting but be there to guide them.

Final Sweep: Do one last walkthrough of your old home, checking for left-behind items.

Post-Move: The Unpacking Begins

Congratulations, you’ve made it! Now it’s time to turn your new house into a home.


Unpack: Start with the essentials and work your way through the boxes.

Man and Van Praise: If they’ve done a stellar job, shout it from the rooftops (or at least give them a good review online).

How Man and Van Makes a Difference

Man and Van services in East London differ from your average moving companies. They’re often local entrepreneurs who bring a personal touch to the satisfying experience. With their intimate knowledge of the area, they can advise on the best routes and parking and even give some historical insight as you navigate your new neighborhood.

In the frantic dance of moving, these services shine in their flexibility. Whether it’s a last-minute booking or an unforeseen delay, they can often accommodate with the grace of a streetwise swan. Moreover, their pricing is typically straightforward, music to the ears in the symphony of moving costs.

As you embark on this moving journey, remember it’s not just about the boxes and the bubble wrap; it’s about the narrative of change, new beginnings, and the community resources, like Man and Van, that can ease the transition. So here’s to your next adventure in East London – may it be as smooth as your well-planned move.

Moving house in East London or anywhere else, remember, it’s not just about the destination but also the journey. And with a Man and Van, that journey can become a tad less bumpy and more memorable for house removals East London. Good luck!


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