Top Ingenious Moving Hacks That Will Make Packing Painless

Packing hacks

Top Ingenious Moving Hacks That Will Make Packing Painless

We all love to procrastinate. As much as we just want to continue being a coach potato, we have to get up and start packing as soon as possible because moving day is fast approaching. Packing and putting everything in tiny boxes is not easy. The hardest part is to go through a lot of your old stuff and decide which ones to bring and leave behind. For the professional movers of Super Man With A Van, time is of the essence when it comes to moving out and you need to start packing as soon as possible. To make life easier and the burden of packing less painful, we share to you the top hacks for moving out.


  1. Slide and roll your clothes

The most important item of a person is his or her clothes. To make life easier in packing and in unpacking, simply slide your hanged clothes in garbage bags. In this way, you can unpack them easily in your new place. If you plan on using a luggage, roll your clothes instead of folding them so that you can fit more items in one luggage.


  1. Makeup protection

This is for all the women who are about to move out. Makeup is an investment and it is expensive. You don’t want your powders cracking and getting damaged right? One ingenious tip, put cotton balls inside your compact to avoid it from being broken. Place them in makeup bags and in a box labeled as fragile.


  1. Recycle toilet paper rolls for electric cords

All the cords in the house must be organized by stuffing each inside a toilet paper roll so that it won’t get tangled with each other.


  1. Use clothes to wrap items that break and styrofoam

This includes plates, mugs, glasses, and other household items you have that can break. You can also place styrofoams in between your stacked plates.


  1. Choose a moving company using Unpakt

This website will help you choose the moving company that will suite your budget and needs. The site narrows down your choices by using filters according to your needs. Just type or click your moving preferences and they will provide you a list of the companies that goes with it.


  1. Cling wrap the tip or cover of bottles

This includes shampoos and other liquid supplies for cleaning. The cling wrap avoids spillage.


  1. Color code and label your boxes

This will help you identify which boxes are for each part of the house making packing unpacking easier. Movers from Super Man and Van who have done removals in Watford share that this way is less stressful for them and for the home owners.


  1. Utilize you suitcase for heavy items

If you have lots of suitcases and the boxes provided by the moving companies are not enough, you can always make use of your suitcases. It will easier to pack and load to the lorry because of its wheels.


  1. Make holes in the side of the moving boxes

This will make it easier for you to lift and carry them to the lorry or your car.


  1. One carry-on bag for your essentials

Pack a single bag that contains all of your essential items enough for one night. Once all your suitcases are packed, you don’t want to keep opening them up just because you need something.


  1. Change your address into the new one

This is important so that your friends will know where to find you and your bills, subscriptions, and mail won’t get lost.


  1. De-frost your fridge, drain your dishwasher and washing machine a day before the move. This will make them easier to carry and load.


  1. Record your expenses during the move because some may be tax-deductible

You may be able to save a little from all the money you let out your wallet.


  1. Use towels or rugs to drag heavy furniture

They will be easier to drag in the floor and onto the lorry making it easier and time efficient for you and the professional movers.


  1. Label the boxes on the side

You stack your boxes in the lorry and in the house. Labeling them on the sides will make it easier for you to see which is which even when being on top of each other.


  1. Use Ziplock for screws and other small items

You can also use other types of sandwich wrappers so that bolts, screws, and other items won’t get lost.


  1. Avail or ask for free boxes

You can find free boxes in Craigslist in the “Free” section, you can also go to stores and ask if they have boxes that they do not use anymore.


  1. Use the Moving Day app

If you are the techie type, you may use this application to keep track of your progress and with its bar code scanner, you can locate and keep track of all your belongings.

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