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Transporting a Flat-Screen TV: Facts, Myths, and Tips—How Man and Van Services Can Help with Your House Removals in North London

Moving house is like participating in a gigantic logistical puzzle where every piece must fit perfectly. There’s the kitchenware, the furniture, and, oh, let’s remember the art pieces you’ve so carefully collected over the years. But the stakes suddenly seem higher regarding the pièce de résistance—your flat-screen TV. After all, a flat-screen TV isn’t just a box; it’s a window to endless entertainment, news, and family movie nights.

Let’s debunk some myths, learn facts, and share some handy tips. For those living in North London, stick around; I’ve got a local solution for you—Man and Van North London services!


The Original Packaging is Gold
You’ve hit the jackpot if you’ve still got the original packaging. This packaging is designed to keep your TV secure, providing cushioning and tailored structure to its dimensions.

Orientation Matters
Flat-screen TVs are meant to stay—you guessed it—flat! Storing it in any other orientation can mess with the internal components.

Weather Matters
Extreme temperatures and moisture can damage your TV. Always store and transport it in a climate-controlled environment.


Bubble Wrap is Enough
No, don’t fall for this. While bubble wrap is good, it can generate static electricity, potentially harming the screen. Anti-static foam is a better choice.

Any Moving Van Will Do
Think again. If the van’s suspension is poor or the road conditions are rocky, your TV can experience enough bumps to sustain damage.

Size Doesn’t Matter
It does when it comes to your TV. A 32″ is easier to handle than a 55″, and each comes with precautions.


Take a Picture
Before you disconnect all the cables, snap a photo of the connections. Trust me, this will make your life easier when setting it up again.

Use Moving Blankets and Padding
Combine these with your anti-static foam to keep the TV snug and secure.

Label, Label, Label
Mark the box with ‘Fragile’ and ‘This Side Up’ stickers. Make it so clear that even a hurried mover will think twice before tossing it around.

Secure it Well Inside the Van
Don’t let it move around. Strap it in tightly and make sure it stays in a flat position.

The North London Solution: Man and Van Services

Okay, North Londoners, listen up! Why handle this nerve-wracking task alone when you can get professionals to do it? Man and Van services are for more than just moving small apartments or single pieces of furniture.

Why Man and Van?

Expertise: These are not just men with vans; they are experienced movers who know how to handle fragile items for house removals North London.

Flexibility: Whether you’re moving the TV to another room or another house, they can accommodate your needs.

Affordable: With competitive pricing, it’s often more economical than renting a van and doing it yourself, especially when considering peace of mind for house removals.

Local Knowledge: Knowing the roads, traffic patterns, and shortcuts can help ensure a smoother journey for your treasured TV.

Additional Services: Many offer packing services, disconnection and reconnection of appliances, and even temporary storage.

Know the facts, debunk the myths, follow the tips, and let a Man and Van service in North London lend you a helping hand when in doubt. After all, wouldn’t it be nice to sit back, relax, and enjoy your favourite show in your new home without any glitches (pun intended)?

Happy moving!

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