Useful Tips To Save Time During House Relocation

Tips for House Relocation

Useful Tips To Save Time During House Relocation

House relocation is a very stressful event in a person or family’s life. But with the right preparation, it can go smoothly. Adequate preparation before the day of the move saves you time and if you save time, it also means that you get to spend less when it comes to the moving crew. Collaborating and communicating well with the whole family and your preferred moving company is the key to achieving a very stress-free move. The professional movers of Super Man With A Van, a removal company from Watford, shares some tips on how to make your moving experience wonderful.


  1. General cleaning and assessment

Removing the clutter in your old house does not only benefit the new tenant and the real estate agent but you as well. By doing thorough cleaning, it gives you the chance to think about the stuff that you really need to bring to your new home. You will be able to assess each item if it is still beneficial to the new place. If not, it’s best to leave it behind so that you can save space and effort when it comes to transferring them in the lorry. It is very important that you perform your general cleaning a week before your chosen date of moving. This takes time so best do it ahead. It also helps to visit your new home before you decide which of the items to bring such as carpets, chandeliers, and more. Measuring your floor and your ceiling can be helpful. If you find that the carpet you used in the old home is quite big or quite old, leave it. Carpets are huge and requires effort when moving, so if it’s not that useful, leave it behind,


  1. Proper sorting of items

Sorting your items into three, the ones you want to bring, leave, and throw away, is important. This technique is very helpful so that you can decide which items to bring to the new house fast. This is applicable both for small and big houses. If you think it is difficult to decide which items to bring, then use this technique. The moment you decide to move, start this process immediately. Start with one area in the house then continue from there. When sorting, always think if the item is still useful or not. The stuff you have collected over the years does not have to be all brought to the new place. Perform the sorting ahead of time. You can do this along with tip number one. While you do your cleaning, you can also do sorting. If you have well-sorted items, you will have lesser things to bring during your move meaning lesser boxes to carry and transfer and lesser time and effort.


  1. Proper labeling of boxes

Another tip to make your moving experience fast is by having well-organized boxes. The movers of Super Man and Van always encourage their clients to label their boxes accordingly. Now that you have sorted them well, place each item to its corresponding boxes. Separate the fragile items from the heavy ones. Boxed them according to which part of the house they belong to. Label it fragile if it can easily get broken so that movers will be able to handle it with care. Seal and tape them well so that they won’t spill or get damaged during the transportation process. The labeling process should be done days before the move. You can choose to do this yourself or have a moving company do the packing for you if you are too busy. Place the labeled boxes in an accessible place of the house one that does not block the way where the movers pass through. Well labeled boxes saves you time and effort. Once the movers arrive at your place, carrying the boxes into the lorry will be easier and faster.


  1. Distance between the lorry and the house

Make sure that the lorry is parked near and in a secured place. The nearer it is to your doorstep, the easier and faster it is for the movers to load your belongings securely into the lorry. Having it parked far away will take time. It is also very risky especially if the movers are carrying huge and heavy items and they have to walk the distance. It is important that you make a safe and clear path for them when the loading process is ongoing.


  1. Choose the perfect time

When you try to book a moving company, they will usually ask what date and time you prefer to move out. Choose a time that has less traffic. Avoid moving during the rush hour. This does not only delay the moving process but can also become very stressful to you and the whole family.

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