Ways to Prep Your Office for A New Location

Moving your office to a new location is something to look forward to. That is because a bigger office space means not only growth for your business but also for the employees. However, upgrading your office also means that you have to pick everything up and move it.

The business operations should still be smooth despite moving to a new location. Getting help from small office removals London will be able to make this easier. After the date of the move has been set, the owner needs to be ready for the transition. Here are some ways to prepare your office for a new location:

Make a Timetable

Check and take note of the crucial dates in your office calendar and set the relocation schedule. List down the events until the day of the move. Moreover, consider also when the office building lease ends. The property supervisor needs to be informed when the relocation date is. All the employees and suppliers need to know when the date is. It is best to update them about it and what needs to be done.

Check Out the New Location

It is also important to check out the new office location. You can determine if the walls need to be painted and whether you need to get a painter to do this before the move-in date.

You can also hire contractors if there are improvements needed for the floors and walls, such as refinishing or reconstruction. You can also imagine your new office’s design while you are there.

Update Your Office Address

When you give your new office address to business contacts and clients, you have to make sure to include them when you relocate. Moreover, you can have new company materials such as business cards printed with your new office address. You can also update your website so that your customers will be informed.

Throw Away Useless Items

Before moving to your new office location, it is important to discard items that will not be functional. Office removals can help you throw away old chairs, tables, shelves, decorations, and other furniture. You can also donate these if possible. For office documents, you can recycle those that do not have confidential information or shred them.

Get the New Space Ready

As soon as you move into the new office, you want the operations to begin as soon as possible. The transition will be easier if the water, phone lines, electricity, gas, and other utilities have been set up. Moreover, you can also contact the local waste management department in the area.


You need to reach out to utility providers in advance so that you can schedule having their services connected or installed in time of your relocation. Also, you contact your office’s current and new property manager to confirm that the movers will have access to load and unload the office items and equipment.

Bring In Security

You can hire security personnel to check the safe transfer of confidential items such as computers and sensitive documents. A security guard can check for the situation of the area while the items are being moved to the new office. Doors are often left open, so these items could be unattended for a period during the relocation.

The security guard should also have a list of people who are allowed to go in and out of the old and new offices while items are being moved.

Inform Customers

Besides informing the employees and business contacts, customers should be notified since there could be service interruptions. You can inform them when the services are expected to go back to normal. Whatever the period of interruption is, customers ought to be updated.

Hire a Qualified Mover

When you get a professional mover’s services, you can better prepare and plan for the relocation. As a result, there would be fewer issues or interruptions on the relocation day itself.


Finally, whatever industry your office is in, you can make the transition from the old to the new location easy if you get help from Man and Van London services. Professional Man and Van could ensure that office valuables can be moved efficiently and safely.


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